Leveraging Arbitrum Anytrust


We utilize Offchain Labs' AnyTrust stack to power the HYCHAIN blockchain.

Offchain Labs created AnyTrust, an innovative adaptation of Arbitrum Nitro technology, to tackle key blockchain issues by introducing a moderate trust assumption, significantly cutting costs and ensuring strong data availability and security. Unlike traditional methods requiring all Arbitrum nodes to access Layer 2 transaction data via costly Ethereum gas fees, AnyTrust shifts this paradigm. It employs a Data Availability Committee to store and provide data as needed, assuming at least two of its members are honest to guarantee data availability.

Data Availability

AnyTrust's framework is built around Keysets and Data Availability Certificates (DACerts). Keysets define Committee members' public keys and the required signatures to validate a DACert, which contains data block hashes, expiration times, and proof of Committee member signatures, ensuring data accessibility based on a 2-of-N trust model. This model facilitates a dual approach to data posting on Layer 1: traditional full data blocks and DACerts, streamlining data availability checks and usage at Layer 2.

Committee members manage Data Availability Servers, offering APIs for data submission and retrieval, enhancing scalability and protection against attacks. In operations, the Sequencer submits data to Committee members for signature, creating a DACert for Layer 1 posting. If insufficient signatures are obtained, it defaults to posting full data directly. AnyTrust represents a significant step in Offchain Labs' efforts to enhance blockchain infrastructure's data availability, security, and cost efficiency through strategic trust assumptions and data management innovations.