Node Sale FAQ

Are node keys transferrable?

HYCHAIN's node keys will become transferrable in September of 2024.

What are Guardian Node rewards?

Guardian Nodes are rewarded 25% of all transaction fees on the HYCHAIN Network along with 250,000,000 $TOPIA. For a detailed breakdown, please read Guardian Node Rewards.

Can I mint node keys with a different wallet address than the one I want to keep them in?

Yes. By default, the node keys will mint to the wallet you connect to mint. However, you can change this to a different address. The node key mint will support specifying alternate wallets to mint to.

Can I transfer node key whitelist points from one address to another?

Yes, we will support whitelist point transfers. Points are not on-chain. They will be generated at a snapshot prior to the whitelist/private mint. The Node sale mint website will provide a simple UI to see how many points your connected wallet has, and a form to enter an alternative address to transfer any quantity up to the amount of points you own to another address. Transferring points will require you to sign a message using the wallet that owns the points, but not submit a transaction - point transfers are free.

What and when is the whitelist point snapshot?

A snapshot will document the addresses that hold or staked qualifying collections to allocate WL points. The snapshot will take place at some point within the 24 hours leading up to the Whitelist phase. The specific time will not be announced. Please make preparations ahead of time as needed.

Can I delegate operations to a different wallet than the one with my node keys?

Yes, Node Keys support delegation to an operator wallet. This will allow you to do things like operate your node & receive rewards using a hot wallet while holding the actual node keys in a cold wallet.

What is the date for the HYCHAIN node key sale/mint?

Node keys will be available to purchase starting March 3rd for the public. A private/whitelist sale will begin March 2nd and last 24 hours for those that qualify. Learn more about the whitelist here.

How can I mint during the private/whitelist phase?

To mint during the HYCHAIN guardian node sale private/whitelist phase, you must have whitelist points from holding a qualifying collection, receiving an allocation from a partner, or through the HYROLLER campaign. You will also need enough ETH to cover the mint price + gas.

Why did my transaction fail?

Your transaction can fail for several reasons such as not having enough gas (fee) in your wallet, gas limit configurations, or trying to buy more keys than are available in a tier. To avoid a "transaction failure," check your wallet's gas settings before starting the mint process. Also, if you're buying keys across different tiers, you might need to complete this in two separate transactions.


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