Introducing HYCHAIN

HYCHAIN is a blockchain (Ethereum L2 Rollup) and suite of web3 infrastructure that was created to eliminate onboarding and technical challenges for web3 games aiming for widespread adoption.

With years of experience in building leading brands and companies within the industry, our team is dedicated to positioning HYCHAIN as the premier web3 gaming chain.


Our team members bring raw, proven experience to the table and are known for creating:

  • HYTOPIA: One of the most anticipated web3 game titles, with over 1,100,000 players pre-registered for beta. HYTOPIA was previously known as NFT Worlds.
  • MetaFab: At the forefront of web3 gaming infrastructure, MetaFab simplifies the complexities of smart contracts and player accounts. By providing developers with straightforward APIs, MetaFab enables the effortless creation of web3 games, ensuring both simplicity and flexibility.
  • Now known as after being acquired, was recognized as one of the leading web3 gaming guilds, particularly in India and South Asia, engaged over 500,000 monthly active users. It stands out for driving some of the largest historical activations for web3 games through quests and building an extensive distribution network for partner games.


We're positioning HYCHAIN to solve the following for partner games:

  • Frictionless Player Onboarding & Accounts: HYCHAIN offers universal, self-custodied accounts accessible through email or social logins like Twitter or Discord, enabling easy asset management and transfer ($USDC, $TOPIA) across games. This simplifies player engagement and conversion by utilizing existing balances and promoting asset liquidity. One HYCHAIN account works across all HYCHAIN games.
  • Zero Gas Fees for Players: Through a gasless relayer network, HYCHAIN Foundation covers all transaction fees, offering a cost-free gaming experience backed by anti-spam and anti-abuse measures. This removes financial barriers, enabling games to expand their player base effortlessly.
  • Developer-Friendly Games API: With HYCHAIN's Games API, developers can quickly launch NFTs, in-game currencies, and implement payment options, including subscriptions. It supports trading via $USDC/$TOPIA or game specific tokens and integrates cash on-ramps, significantly reducing development time and effort.
  • Broad Games Distribution: HYCHAIN leverages a vast network of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across Web3 and traditional gaming to maximize visibility and attract users, ensuring wide-reaching game distribution and user acquisition.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Addressing scalability, HYCHAIN offers an L3 solution for high-growth games, facilitating a seamless transition from L2 for improved throughput and uninterrupted gameplay, ensuring games can scale efficiently as they grow.