L2 Blockchain


HYCHAIN's blockchain capitalizes on Arbitrum's technological advancements, using the same technology that powers Arbitrum Nova (L2) to power HYCHAIN (L2). However, HYCHAIN was specifically designed to accommodate the needs of web3 games targeting massive scale —from hundreds of thousands to tens of millions of active players.

For Gamers

HYCHAIN bridges the gap for traditional gamers with its streamlined account and wallet integration through HYPLAY, making the shift to web3 gaming as seamless as possible. Players can create a HYPLAY account one time using their email address or social login such as Twitter or Discord, and use that account on any game built on HYCHAIN, allowing easy interop of account balances, game assets, and more.

For Developers

For developers, HYCHAIN introduces enhanced features such as greater transaction throughput and API driven on-chain systems, aiding the implementation by game developers of web3 into games without the need to understand many of the complexities typically associated with blockchain technology.


HYCHAIN's blockchain prioritizes security and decentralization by building on the robust and reliable foundation of Ethereum's network as the root chain of our L2. This ensures a secure, transparent ecosystem that helps protect against vulnerabilities. In doing so, HYCHAIN sets a new standard in web3 gaming, offering a scalable, secure platform that addresses the unique needs of both players and developers.