LP Staking


Stake your $TOPIA in the TOPIA/ETH pool on Ethereum for LP-TOPIA tokens, liquidity pool fees, and TOPIA Tokens. Choose your lockup interval and respective rewards.

Emission Rate:

Rewards are calculated per second based on the staked amount and lockup duration
Lockup Intervals & Rewards:

  • 500M $TOPIA over 4 years
  • Stake different amounts at various durations.

$TOPIA liquidity pool staking allows you to supply liquidity to the official $TOPIA/$ETH pool on the Ethereum mainnet. In return, you receive $LP-TOPIA tokens based on your total liquidity provided, which you can use to withdraw your liquidity later.

By staking your $LP-TOPIA tokens, you lock up your supplied liquidity for a chosen time. As a reward, you'll receive a share of the pool's fees and a portion of 500,000,000 $TOPIA Tokens (distributed over four years) to compensate for potential impermanent loss risks.

The longer you stake your $LP-TOPIA tokens, the more fees and $TOPIA Tokens you'll earn compared to other stakers.

Emission Formula

$TOPIA rewards for LP staking are emitted at a constant rate of 3.96372399797 $TOPIA per second. This emission rate is equivalent to 500,000,000 $TOPIA in total emitted over a 4 year timeline.

The amount of rewards accrued for your position(s) for LP staking are dependent on all other active stakers and their positions. Because rewards are emitted at a globally constant rate of 3.96372399797 $TOPIA per second, your per second rewards accrued for your position are calculated proportionally from this based on all other globally staked positions.

We use a weighted formula to determine your proportion of the per-second rewards. That formula is calculated for a position as position weight = # of LP tokens staked * lockup multiplier. Your lockup multiplier is determined based on the duration you choose to stake your LP tokens. You can find the available intervals and their multipliers below. In summary, longer lockup durations will give your positions a greater weight due to their lockup multiplier but require a longer period of staking before you can claim your reward.

A quick example of how position weights are calculated across all global LP staked positions is as follows. User A has staked a position of 100 LP tokens for a lockup duration of 60 days, resulting in a position weight of 100 * 2 = 200. User B has staked a position of 50 LP tokens for a lockup duration of 360 days, resulting in a position weight of 50 * 12 = 600. Assuming these are the only positions active in the staking system, User A's position holds 25% of the weight of the sum of all position weights (200 is 25% of 800 (200 + 600)) and therefore each second User A's position receives 25% of the constant 3.96372399797 $TOPIA rewards which is 0.99093099949 $TOPIA per second. Now, User B's position holds 75% of the weight of the sum of all positions, therefore they accrue 75% of the constant 3.96372399797 $TOPIA rewards which is 2.97279299848$TOPIA per second. If at any time now or in the future another user or an existing user stakes a new position, the reward rate of User A & User B positions will adjust accordingly in real time, such that their reward emission rate is always relative to the weight of their position against the sum of all weights of all positions.

Lockup Intervals & Multipliers

All available lockup intervals and multipliers for LP staking can be found in the table below.

Lockup DurationLockup Multiplier
30 Days1x
60 Days2x
90 Days3x
180 Days6x
360 Days12x
720 Days24x

Multiple Staking Positions

You may stake multiple positions at varying lockup durations as you desire. For example, you may want to stake 20% of your total LP tokens at a 90 day duration to receive a 3x multiplier on them for their resulting weight, and the additional 80% of your LP tokens you may want to stake at a 360 day lockup duration to receive a 12x multiplier on those remaining tokens. You can stake as many positions as you'd like, and divide up your LP tokens relative to your preferred lockup multipliers as you like.

Claiming Rewards

$TOPIA rewards for a staking position cannot be claimed until the required lockup duration for the position has passed. Once the duration has passed, a user may choose to claim their rewards by unstaking their LP tokens which will also transfer their accrued rewards to them, or they may choose to keep their position and continue accruing rewards while being able to then unstake at any time.

Forfeiting Rewards

If a user with a staked position decides they want to withdraw their LP tokens, they may do so at any time but by doing so will automatically forfeit all of their accrued rewards due to not meeting the required lockup duration for their position.

Native LP Rewards

Your LP tokens staked still accrue their native LP rewards from the Uniswap V2 pool and can be claimed as usual at anytime by unstaking your LP tokens from the staking contract, and using those tokens to withdraw liquidity and rewards from the Uniswap V2 pool.

How Do I Get LP Tokens?

You can get LP tokens by providing liquidity to the $TOPIA/$ETH Uniswap V2 pool here.

Where Do I Stake LP Tokens?

You can stake your LP tokens here: Stake $LP-TOPIA Tokens Here