L3 Game-Chains Scalability


HYCHAIN can process thousands of transactions per second, but like all blockchains, it does not have unlimited scalability. As more games partner with HYCHAIN and grow in terms of player numbers and transaction volume, there's a need for scalable solutions to ensure HYCHAIN's long-term viability and performance, as well as continued smooth operation of partner games.

L3's For Games

To address this, HYCHAIN will offer an option for large-scale games to create and manage their own L3 blockchain, using the same technology as HYCHAIN's L2. This dedicated game-chain can support the demands of tens of millions of players, providing tailored scalability. These L3's still utilize $TOPIA as their network token.

Currently, we are developing our L3 technology to enable smooth communication between the primary HYCHAIN L2 and any L3 chains in our ecosystem, ensuring interoperability and cohesive operation across different blockchain levels.

L2 -> L3 Migration

For games on HYCHAIN that grow to a significant scale and then need to migrate to their own HYCHAIN L3 to meet throughput and scalability needs, HYCHAIN will provide bridge & migration tooling and support to help transition systems and contracts.