The HYCHAIN Foundation has the sole mission of fostering the growth of the HYCHAIN ecosystem, disconnected from any profit motive or proprietary interests. The foundation is structured and run by a set of directors.

Fee Accrual

The HYTOPIA Foundation receives a varying percentage of fees from all transactions, first party sales, secondary market trades, liquidity pool swaps, and other systems across HYCHAIN. One primary usage of these collected fees is to fund the gasless relayer the HYCHAIN Foundation operates to enable frictionless transacting, allowing games on HYCHAIN to create systems where players do not need to pay or deal with gas fees.

Additionally, the foundation's directors may use $TOPIA received and held by the foundation to fund $TOPIA grants to foster growth and improvement of HYCHAIN and existing or prospective partner games per the foundation’s mandate.

These received fees should always be received as $TOPIA. Any transaction fees collected in $USDC or other token originating transactions will be converted during payment routing to $TOPIA via $TOPIA AMM liquidity pools relative to other tokens on HYCHAIN.

The foundation additionally receives 24% of the total $TOPIA supply, unlocked over the course of 4 years.