Node Key Pricing & Purchasing


Owning at least 1 HYCHAIN Node Key is a requirement for receiving rewards from operating a Guardian Node. The more Node Keys associated with your running Guardian Node, the greater your share of the overall $TOPIA rewards per challenge.

The total supply of Node Keys is 50,000.

Where To Purchase

Node Keys are not yet available for sale. Please follow @HYCHAIN_GAMES on Twitter for more details.

Node Keys will be available to purchase starting March 3rd for the public. A whitelist sale will begin March 2nd and last 24 hours for those that quality. Learn more about the whitelist here.. Node keys will also be available to purchase on the secondary market starting September 2024.

Node Key Smart Contract

You can find the smart contract on the Ethereum L1 blockchain that node key purchases are done through, here:

Pricing Tiers

HYCHAIN Node Keys are available for sale in different pricing tiers. There is no difference between the functionality of Node Keys between different pricing tiers. As more Node Keys are sold and enter circulation, the price for new keys to enter circulation and further dillute operator rewards increases.

Here's the pricing tier table, Node Key sales will start at Tier 1 and increase in tier when the entire quantity of the current tier is sold.

TierAvailable QuantityPrice (Eth)
Tier 13,1830.100000 Eth
Tier 23,0240.115000 Eth
Tier 32,8730.132250 Eth
Tier 42,7290.152088 Eth
Tier 52,5930.174901 Eth
Tier 62,4630.201136 Eth
Tier 72,3400.231306 Eth
Tier 82,2230.266002 Eth
Tier 92,1120.305902 Eth
Tier 102,0060.351788 Eth
Tier 111,9060.404556 Eth
Tier 121,8100.465239 Eth
Tier 131,7200.535025 Eth
Tier 141,6340.615279 Eth
Tier 151,5520.707571 Eth
Tier 161,4750.813706 Eth
Tier 171,4010.935762 Eth
Tier 181,3311.076126 Eth
Tier 191,2641.237545 Eth
Tier 201,2011.423177 Eth
Tier 211,1411.636654 Eth
Tier 221,0841.882152 Eth
Tier 231,0302.164475 Eth
Tier 249782.489146 Eth
Tier 259292.862518 Eth
Tier 268833.291895 Eth
Tier 278393.785680 Eth
Tier 287974.353531 Eth
Tier 297575.006561 Eth
Tier 307195.757545 Eth

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