Guardian Node Hardware Requirements


Our Guardian Node software supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

RequirementRecommended Minimum
RamAt least 4GB
CPUAt least 2.0 ghz clock speed
Processor Architecturex86-64 or Apple Arm64
Free Disk SpaceAt least 50GB
InternetAt least a stable 500kbps up/down

As the HYCHAIN Guardian Node software evolves over time, it is possible that hardware prerequisites may also see an escalation in system requirements.

You do not need to run a separate machine for each Node Key you own. You can run a single Guardian Node on your machine and tie many Node Keys to its operation.

These requirements are subject to change.


Occasionally, updates to the Guardian Node software will be released. Node operators will need to follow instructions provided by HYCHAIN in order to continue the smooth operation of their nodes when these updates release.

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