HYCHAIN is being developed to offer a complete, first party suite of tooling for game developers to effortlessly build otherwise complex on-chain systems for their games. Through the technology and team of MetaFab now being exclusively folded into HYCHAIN, HYCHAIN will not only offer bleeding edge speeds and fundamentals with its chain, but also a proprietary layer of well-tested and developed technologies for partner game developers to take advantage of and leverage.

API Systems & Services

Many of these systems are being reworked and transitioned over from MetaFab's technology. Possible release timelines are included for each system.

These systems will be launched under our HYPLAY services. You can learn more about HYPLAY developer systems here: https://docs.hyplay.com

These systems include, but are not limited to:

  • Developer SDKs In Most Major Languages (Q2 '24): Games can streamline integration through native SDKs available for: Unity, Android, C#, C++, GO, Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, Python, Rust, Swift.
  • Launch & Manage Game Tokens & Game Currencies (Q2 '24): 1-click systems to launch your game's tokens & game currencies as ERC20's on HYCHAIN. Manage, distribute, and interact with them through traditional RPC interactions or HYCHAIN's HTTP API & SDKs.
  • Launch, Manage & Sell ERC721 And ERC1155 Collections For Game Items (Q2 '24): Easily launch and manage NFT collections for your game's content, sell content from these collections within your game, website or HYCHAIN marketplace, and more.
  • Launch, Manage & Sell Lootboxes (Q2 '24): Create probability based lootboxes with a few clicks to reward players with the possibility of 1 or more items and/or tokens specific to your games. Lootboxes can easily be setup to be sold and opened through HYCHAIN's shop or marketplace systems, or directly in your game or website as well.
  • Launch A Marketplace, Or Use HYCHAIN's Global Marketplace (Q3-Q4 '24): Launch a fully custom Marketplace that acts as a satellite to the global HYCHAIN content marketplace - controlling your branding, visuals and more.
  • Launch On-Chain "Shops" To Power Content Sales (Q2 '24): Launch and manage fixed rate swap systems called "shops" for your game that live on chain, allowing you to bake in behaviors like merchant NPCs into your games and more that trade tokens or items for other types of tokens or items for your game at fixed rates.
  • 1-Click Single Sign On For Players (Q2 '24): HYCHAIN player accounts are global through our player focusing HYPLAY systems, and allow easy play of any partner games for players.
  • Native Support For Recurring Subscription Payments (Q2 '24): HYCHAIN player accounts are built on the ERC4337 standard. They also support proprietary support developed by us for recurring subscription payments. You can prompt players to opt into subscriptions specific to your game needs, and more through our API & pre-built UI's.
  • Frictionless Cash On-Ramps (Q2-Q3 '24): Allow your players to use their credit or debit cards to purchase your game currency at fixed or liquidity pool based rates. HYCHAIN provides the APIs and UIs out of the box to save your weeks of development time and get you up and running in hours.
  • Feeless Transactions For Players (Q2 '24): The HYCHAIN Foundation operates a gasless relayer network that all HYCHAIN partner games have access to. You can route your player's in game transactions through this relayer, completely covering all gas fees tied to their transactions.
  • And More: HYCHAIN continues to innovate on our Games API as we grow, with the intention of provided the best vertically integrated industry solution for the largest games leveraging web3.