Node Key Whitelist


The HYCHAIN Node Key sale is anticipating significant demand, to help offset this and give others a fair opportunity to purchase a node key, we've created a "whitelist" mechanism that will open up Node Key purchasing to certain individuals prior to Node Keys being available for sale to the public.

Whitelist Details

  • Whitelist Sales Start at Pricing Tier 1 (0.1 eth): You can find the list of pricing tiers and available key quantities per pricing tier here:
  • Points: If your wallet address holds or has staked "Worlds," "Avatars," or "Gray Boys", or a combination of these, you'll receive points from a future snapshot. You may own a combination of as many Worlds, Avatars or Grayboys.
    • Each World gives you 30 points. So, if you have 3 worlds, you get 90 points.
    • Each Avatar gives you 2 points.
    • Each Gray Boy gives you 1 point.
  • Whitelist Phases: There are four phases in the whitelist sale, and each phase requires a certain number of points to mint a node key, you can mint as many node keys as you'd like for the multiples of required points you have:
    • Phase 1: 30 points per node key. For example, if you had 70 points, you could mint up to 2 keys.
    • Phase 2: 15 points per node key. For example, if you had 70 points, you could mint up to 4 keys.
    • Phase 3: 6 points per node key. For example, if you had 70 points, you could mint up to 11 keys.
    • Phase 4: 2 points per node key. For example, if you had 70 points you could mint up to 35 keys.
  • Phase Duration: Each phase lasts 6 hours, making a total of 24 hours for all four phases. After that, anyone can mint node keys.
  • Minting Multiple Node Keys: You can mint as many node keys as you have points for the requirement of each phase. For example, you may have a total of 90 points, and choose to mint 2 nodes in phase 1 using 60 of your points. Then you wait to see pricing tier action changes until phase 3. You then use your remaining 30 points to mint 5 more node keys.
  • Pricing: The price of node keys depends on how many have been minted already which determines the pricing tier, not on the phase of the sale. Please see the pricing tier list here.
  • Whitelist Raffle & Partners: Additionally, we will also be distributing "whitelist" allocations through raffles on the @HYCHAIN_GAMES Twitter/X account and through partners. Key an eye out on the HYCHAIN_GAMES Twitter/X account for these opportunities. These whitelist allocations will be equivalent to giving a variable number of points to the whitelist allocated addresses through these systems.

Start Date

Starting March 2nd, 2024 at 2pm PST (10pm UTC), the whitelist sale will start. All 4 phases will span a total timeframe of 24 hours, each phase lasting 6 hours. After this initial 24 hours, node keys will be available through the public sale where anyone may mint any quantity of node keys at whatever the current pricing tier is.

We'll share the purchase link on our Twitter and within our Discord before the sale begins.

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