Node Keys


The HYCHAIN Node Key is a unique, non-fungible token (NFT) essential for operating a Guardian Node on the HYCHAIN network. It authenticates a node's eligibility to submit claims and earn rewards. To mint a Node Key, users will be able to use our Node Key minting website when it releases, with the minting price governed by an increasing threshold system.

The Node Key is pivotal for submitting assertions to challenges. A given Node Key's validity is checked during challenge assertions and whether the submitter is the Node Key's owner or an authorized party, allowing the assertion to proceed.

For reward claims, the Guardian Verifier contract and Node runtime ensures the Node Key owner is not under OFAC or similar restrictions and that the assertion qualifies for a payout, after which rewards are distributed.

Overall, the Node Key is a key part of node operations, assertion submissions, and reward distributions in the HYCHAIN network.


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