Gasless Transactions


When you send a transaction to the network of a blockchain, it usually requires a fee, deducted from your wallet, for processing. This fee mechanism helps prevent spam and DOS attacks but can deter new users due to the complexity of acquiring the necessary tokens through wallets and exchanges. For mainstream gamers, this requirement is a significant obstacle, introducing high or near-impossible barriers of entry for mass adoption.

HYCHAIN Foundation's Gasless Relayer

HYCHAIN's Foundation addresses this by managing a relayer network that pays for users' transaction fees. Soon to be accessible as an RPC through, this centralized system, controlled by the foundation, employs additional anti-spam and anti-fraud measures to decide if it will cover transaction costs. For legitimate uses, the relayer automatically pays for the transaction fees of both players and games, within the bounds of its anti-spam and anti-fraud policies. Players, games and wallets are not required to use this relayer, and may submit transactions as normal to the network - they however would pay their own gas fees in this case.

The operation of this relayer network is funded by HYCHAIN Foundation through various fee-based services offered to partner games. These include transaction fees, marketplace fees, player-to-player trading commissions, liquidity pools for token pairs, charges for system deployments, and more.