HYROLLER is a questing campaign launching ahead of the HYCHAIN Node Key Sale.

Start Date: 02-15
End Date: [TBD]

Are you a HYROLLER?

Complete quests within the HYCHAIN Zealy Community to gain XP. Then, head over to the HYROLLER website, where you can use your XP to roll and move your spot on the leaderboard.

13,250 Whitelist points are up for grabs.

Step #1: Earn XP

Sign up and join HYCHAIN's Zealy Community:

  • Complete Zealy Quests to earn XP
  • Get 50 to 1000 XP from each quest you complete

Step #2: Use your XP

Roll using your XP on HYROLLER:

  • Claim a free roll every day
  • Additional rolls cost 500 XP
  • Get up to 5,000 XP p/roll

Step #3: Place on the XP leaderboard:

End the Campaign with a top spot on The Leaderboard

  • WL Points split between the top 2,000 people when HYROLLER ends
  • 13,250 WL Points for HYCHAIN's Node Sale are up for grabs
  • Random HYROLLERS will also receive WL Points when HYROLLER ends

XP Leaderboard & WL Point Rewards

When the HYROLLER campaign wraps up, we will distribute 13,250 Whitelist Points. The top 2000 members on the XP leaderboard will split 12,800 of these points, according to the table below.

Leaderboard RankWhitelist Point RewardTotal Rewards in Rank
# 1300300
# 2240240
# 3180180
# 4-10120840
# 11-30751500
# 31-100302100
# 101-220151800
# 221-40081440
# 401-1.00042400
# 1,001-2,00022000

Additionally, all HYROLLER participants ranked below 2000th place will have a chance in our giveaway, where 225 random HYROLLERS will be selected to win 2 Whitelist Points each.


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