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Create Zealy Account & Join HYCHAIN's Community

To get started Click This Invite Link

You must create a Zealy account and join the HYCHAIN Zealy Community to participate in questing, earn XP, complete your daily roll, and place on the leaderboard. Follow the guide below.

Connect Other Accounts to Zealy

To complete quests like following HYCHAIN on Twitter or claiming your daily roll, you must connect your Twitter and Wallet to Zealy. Use the same wallet to connect and Play HYROLLER.

Follow the guide below to navigate to your Zealy profile settings and connect your other accounts.

Connect Wallet & Roll XP on HYROLLER

Visit the HYROLLER Website Here

Connect to HYROLLER using the same wallet that is linked to Zealy. Claim a free XP roll every day on HYROLLER and purchase additional rolls for 500 XP each.

For information about rewards, read About HYROLLER Questing Here.


Having Issues?

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please refer to the following:

  • Make sure you are using the same wallet to connect across both Zealy and HYROLLER.
  • For issues with quest completion or rolling, try refreshing or clearing the browser cache.

If issues persist, please reach out to the official HYTOPIA/HYCHAIN Discord community.